Creative Writing for Beginners

The beginners' course is all about discovering how it feels to write and to be a writer.

This ten-week experience is intended for individuals who have never written before and is designed to coax out even the most timid beginner writer into the light.

The structure and support might also suit more experienced writers who have lost their momentum and/or confidence and could benefit from the solidarity of a warm and friendly group.

Each two-hour session is made up of one or two simple writing exercises, intermingled with private and shared reflection. And sometimes, if we're lucky, there might be tea and cake!

The exercises are intended to open up access to a reservoir of personal imagery. The act of writing will serve as a channel with which to express this imagery. Prepare to be surprised and inspired by what appears on your page!

The cumulative experience of writing and sharing will build confidence in this resource and increase the fluency and clarity with which your ideas are formed and communicated.

Each exercise will begin with some form of sensory stimulation or prompt to the memory or the imagination. There is no right or wrong way to approach an exercise. Participants will be invited to respond with whatever spontaneously emerges, it might be autobiography, fiction, poetry or mixture of all of these. The safe and compassionate conditions are in place to allow even that most hesitant of beginner-writers the freedom to give each exercise a go.

You will be supported in producing the kind of writing that you want to do, whilst the exercises and discussion will expand the scope of writing subjects and styles available.

You will find yourself generating a series of beginnings. Each of these beginnings can be further developed and nurtured into maturity. Advice and tools will be shared on how to help a piece of writing flourish so it not only meets your artistic intentions but also transcends them.

All these experiences will enable the opportunity for you to learn about your own creative process, to begin developing your own sense of voice and to recognise the wealth of sparkling material that we all have at our own fingertips.

Several individuals who have taken part in beginners' courses have gone on to study on MA programmes in creative writing at various universities around the country. Most go on to take part in a 'Follow-on' course.

Price: £120. This may be paid in two instalments. A £20 deposit secures you a place.

Location: Courses and Worshops are currently run in the Wiveliscombe/Milverton and Taunton area, Somerset, UK

Date: Please contact Briony for details of when the next Beginners' Course is due to commence.




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